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Appleseed Portal RC2!

Appleseed Portal is your solution to help you run your company on the Internet. Use it as a platform to first manage the contents of your site. Soon we will release modules to help you connect your existing online software services that run different parts of your company.

If this is your first time using Appleseed Portal, you may want to take some steps to manage your content.

1. Login

Use the login form on the left side. You can add users to let others manage your site once you're in.

2. Play with Pages

We have a few pages setup for you to play around with. Take a look. There are three "Content" pages setup for "Grow", "Connect", and "Trade" which some suggestions on how to run your company.

3. Play with Modules

Add some basic modules, or edit the ones that are there to learn what they do. Most of the content is in "HTML Module", but there are many more that are more specific such as the "Books" or the "RSS Feed" Module.