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Appleseed Portal

Develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites.

Your website – the public facing side – is just the tip of the iceberg.

An Intranet site for employees, an extranet for partners & vendors and a social media presence to stay relevant all have to be taken into account. Each of these elements is a building block that connects your company to people, organizes the processes and centralizes the information to create an effective long term strategy.

Appleseed for your Business

What is Appleseed?

Appleseed is a cloud ready Web Content Management Platform for building web sites and web applications on Microsoft .NET.

Who makes Appleseed?

The Anant Corporation is the steward of the Appleseed open source project.

Why Appleseed?

  • Appleseed is a free open source web content management platform used to run your website.

  • User friendly modules allow you to create & edit content with only a basic knowledge of HTML/Javascript.

  • Easy web design theming through the use of CSS & jQuery.

  • Free community support & paid professional support options available.

Customize your site with Themes and Modules




Simple web installation

Web Installation

Appleseed provides a simple web installation that performs environment checks to speed installation

Manage multiple sites

Multiple Portal Support

Appleseed supports the ability to run multiple sites within one installation.


Advanced Web Content Management

Appleseed provides HTML Content modules that allow both WYSIWYG and source code editing. End users may also take advantage of the Drag & Drop features to arrange content.

File Manager

Manage Site Files

Manage your sites documents in one central place per portal through our File Manager.

Change themes

Theming Support

Change your entire theme in one click or make changes to specific theme settings.

Page Manager

Page Management

With the page management module you can add, edit, or delete pages with ease.